Our food is provided by a company called ‘Early Years Catering’ this company is based in Bristol and deliver our hot lunches and cold teas daily.

Early Years Catering quote this about their food;

‘We provide healthy, fresh and nutritious food for children. Our menus exceed the governments nutritional requirements.’

Meals includes:

  • A balanced diet with plenty of variety

  • Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Plenty of food rich in calcium and iron

In addition to these guidelines:

  • Use no artificial additives or salt in the preparation of our meals

  • Source local and seasonal ingredients

  • Offer a varied menu which will help to develop children’s tastes

  • Cater for all dietary & cultural requirements

Special Dietary Requirements

All dietary and cultural requirements are catered for including; vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free .

Meals are also prepared in a nut free environment.

Menu Example

Menu Key

> = Vegetarian

*  = Meat dish


Lunch Time

> Red Pepper Basil & Tomato Sauce

> Organic Pasta

> Grated Cheese

> Fruit & Honey Flapjack

Cold Tea

> Broccoli & Cheese Slice

> Cucumber & Carrot Sticks

> Fruit Scones & Jam

> Fresh Fruit


Lunch Time

* Creamy Fish Curry & Rice

> Creamy Chickpea Curry

> Organic Fruit Yogurt

Cold Tea

> Selection of Bagels

> Crudités

> Ginger Bread


Lunch Time

* Lamb & Lentil Pastry Pie

> Lentil & Vegetable Pastry Pies

> Green Beans

> Fruit & Honey Flapjack

Cold Tea

> EYC Ploughman’s

> Freshly Baked Baguette

> Grapes & Salad

> Sticky Date Cake

> Fresh Fruit


Lunch Time

*Chicken & Tarragon Stew

> Tofu Tarragon Stew

> Rice

> Fair Trade Banana & Custard

Cold Tea

> Selection of Wholemeal Rolls

> Crunchy Salad

> Jelly

> Fresh Fruit


Lunch Time

*Roast Ham Sweet Potato Mashed Potato

> Roast Quorn in Gravy

> Peas Sweetcorn & Gravy

> Beetroot & Chocolate Brownie

Cold Tea

> Margarita Pizza

> Salad

> Fromage Frais

> Fresh Fruit