Transition into Nursery


All children are offered a transition into nursery, which consists of days agreed with parents one week prior to children starting their placement. Transitions are free of charge and aim to give you and your child the opportunity to build up new relationships with staff as well as becoming familiar with the environment we offer.

We offer suitable morning and afternoon transitions to ensure children have an enriching experience.. You are able to meet your child’s key person to see how they will support your child during their placement and care for their needs along with other team members.

A key person records daily progress, completes daily logs, and keeps you well informed of your child’s achievements while ensuring they are well cared for, loved, and nurtured.

Key Person System

All of our children are allocated a key person when they attend nursery. The key person’s responsibility is to establish a positive and tentative relationship with their key children as well as all of the other children in our care.

The key person is a valuable source of communication to you as a parent and guardian as they complete daily logs of your little one’s achievements during the day plus other vital information.

A key person has a duty to maintain positive working relationships with parents and develop parent partnership wherever possible. They also monitor children’s progress and development and communicate this information to you as a parent or guardian. From setting individual ‘next step targets’ to recording achievements in the appropriate documentation, your key person encourages all children in the setting to achieve their best outcomes, within the learning environment.

As a parent, you are able to look to your key person to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child. However, if this is not a desirable avenue for you to take, you can seek alternative routes such as communicating with our nursery manager or deputy manager.

Free Government Funded Childcare

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education each week, for 38 weeks a year. You will not be charged a fee for these free hours to claim this funding. We will automatically claim for your child when they become eligible (the term commencing after the 3rd birthday). Some children may be  eligible for 30 hours free funding.

Parents are required to sign a declaration each term to clarify they are not fraudulently claiming elsewhere. Parents are also responsible for advising us of any change to circumstances or child’s details. Fees continue to be paid on a standing order basis but you will see the deduction of NEF being made, therefore reducing your payments.

These free places are dependent on availability, and can currently be taken between 9am & 12pm and 1pm & 4pm Monday to Friday.

Some 2 year olds may also be entitled to 15 hours free early education per week and we offer places to families who may need this. However, places are limited. You can get more information about this from your local Children’s Centre or Local Authority website, or give us a call to discuss whether you are eligible.

Equal Opportunities

We will endeavour to ensure that all children and their families are welcome at the nursery provided their individual needs can be met. No discrimination will be made on the grounds of ability, sex, colour, religion, race or creed.

Tax credits

Tax credits are available from the HM Revenue and Customs, based on household circumstances.

Child Tax Credits

These are for parents/carers who are responsible for at least one child or qualifying young person. Child Tax Credit is paid direct to the person who is mainly responsible for caring for the child or children. If you are a lone parent/carer you will receive the payment.

Working Tax Credits

This is for parents/carers who are employed or self-employed (either on their own or in a partnership), who:

  • usually work 16 hours or more a week
  • are paid for that work, and
  • expect to work for at least 4 weeks

As part of Working Tax Credit you may qualify for help towards the costs of childcare. If you receive the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, this will always be paid direct to the person who is mainly responsible for caring for the child or children, alongside payments of Child Tax Credit.

Check online at for further information and eligibility.

Childcare vouchers and other employer schemes

The following schemes are closed to new applicants:

  • childcare vouchers
  • childcare your employer arranges with a provider (known as ‘directly contracted childcare’)

If you joined one of these schemes on or before 4 October 2018 you might be able to keep getting vouchers or directly contracted childcare.

We accept certain types of child care vouchers from employers who offer this benefit to their eligible employees as a paper or e-voucher.

Vouchers are non-taxable and exempt from NI contributions for employees, whilst offering NI savings for employers. Both parents are eligible to claim as long as they are both in employment.

Further information can be found at