Baby Room

AGES 0 - 2 Years

Our baby room nursery has been designed to offer a warm, inviting and homely atmosphere for our babies aged between 3 months and 2 years. The baby room is well equipped with furniture at the babies level, it is a light and bright environment where the babies will be introduced to new experiences and be given time to explore their surroundings safely using their senses.

The experienced and qualified staff encourage, show and support the babies as they develop.  We follow OFSTED guidelines with a 1:3 ratio to ensure your baby has the best experience possible. In the baby room nursery, the staff follow the babies routines and needs to mirror those at home following the Key Person system.

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and development

2-5 Years Room

Our 2-5s room is designed to start your independence in life, pouring your own drink or serving out your own food. There is much more to see and explore, real resources and plenty of cooking activities.

As your child begins to get older from 3 onward the preparation for school begins, even more Independence putting on shoes by yourself or being able to zip up your coat. Preparing for a smooth and easy transition to primary school.

Fully skilled staff with full qualifications in childcare and first aid trained.

The Garden

Our garden is fully equipped with all your little one’s favourites. We have a climbing frame with a rope wall, climbing wall and steps to explore different ways in which to move for physical development.

A sun sheltered sand pit and water tray provided all year long. A variety of other activities for all areas of learning from puzzles to imagination play.